Perimeter of rhombus

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Perimeter of rhombus

A rhombus is a four-sided closed figure where the lengths of all the four sides will be equal and also the diagonals will be perpendicular. Example 1 :. Find the perimeter of the rhombus whose side length is 16 cm. Solution :. Formula for perimeter of a rhombus :. Substitute 16 for s.

perimeter of rhombus

So, the perimeter of the rhombus is 64 cm. Example 2 :. Divide each side by 4.

perimeter of rhombus

So, the length of each side of the rhombus is 16 inches. Example 3 :. Find its perimeter in meter. Substitute for s. We know. Example 4 :. Example 5 :. In the diagram shown below, if PQRS is a rhombus, then find its perimeter. Substitute 9 for s. So, perimeter of the rhombus is 36 units. Example 6 :. Find the perimeter of the rhombus shown below.Before we discuss on different quadrilaterals like the Rhombus, this is necessary to understand first what a quadrilateral is?

This is a polygon with four sides, four vertices, and the four angles. The sum of its interior angle would degree. A quadrilateral in simple terms has four sides of different length and angles of different measures. It can be square, rectangle or rhombus etc. In this article, we will focus on Rhombus, and how to calculate its area and the perimeter. A rhombus is a quadrilateral whose four sides are equal and opposite sides are parallel. Hence, if you know the measurement of a single side then all other sides can be calculated automatically.

One important term associated with rhombus is altitude that does not explain about the height but tells you how high it is. And the opposite sides connecting each other will form the diagonals. They can be given any name based on your convenience. Generally, they are written as d1 and d2 in mathematics. There are three popular ways to calculate the area of the rhombus in common practice.

As we discussed earlier, the rhombus is a quadrilateral with four equal sides and it can be projected on two — dimensional plane where all 4 sides are equal and congruent in nature. The other name for Rhombus is an equilateral triangle having four sides equal in nature and the dimensions. Further, opposite sides are parallel so they can be named as parallelogram too. However, when all four sides are equal then it is a Rhombus where opposite angles and equal and diagonals bisect each other at the right angles and diagonals bisect the opposite vertex angles too.

When diagonal divide the rhombus, it can be seen as two congruent triangles too. As soon as rhombus is concerned, this is a flat structure with all four sides are equal in length and aligned at right-angles. It looks like a diamond shape and total distance covered through the border of a rhombus is named as the perimeter of the rhombus.

We can call square as a rhombus because it satisfies all the conditions — all sides are equal, opposite sides are parallel.Last Updated: March 29, References.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 71, times. Learn more A rhombus is a parallelogram with four congruent sides. Since all four sides of a rhombus are of equal length, finding the perimeter is possible when one side length is known.

However, using geometry and trigonometry, it is also possible to find the perimeter even if you do not know the lengths of any sides of the rhombus. Every day at wikiHow, we work hard to give you access to instructions and information that will help you live a better life, whether it's keeping you safer, healthier, or improving your well-being.

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Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. To find the perimeter of a rhombus when you have the length of one of the sides, multiply that length by 4. This works because all 4 sides of a rhombus are equal length. Keep reading to learn how to use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the perimeter of a rhombus when you know the diagonal!

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perimeter of rhombus

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Perimeter of Rhombus - Geometry

Article Summary. Method 1 of Set up the formula for perimeter of a rhombus. A square is a special type of rhombus, with four degree angles. Plug in the side length of the rhombus.Zoheb Grade 7 MathsGrade 8 Maths 0. A Rhombus is a quadrilateral It will always have four sides.

All the sides of a Rhombus are equal in length will always have the same amount of length for all four sides. Same question in a different way: Find the Area from the given Rhombus where one of the diagonals is 8cm and the other is 15cm. So, we already knew one of the diagonal and now we got another one, so now we can easily calculate the Area of Rhombus. As we already said in previous examples, the length of all sides is always the same for a Rhombus. So even if the question tells you the length of one side, you need to assume the same length of all sides.

Please find the value of its sides length. Question: The value of one of the diagonal of a Rhombus is 6m and the value of another diagonal is 8m. Find the value of its sides. Got more problems? No worries! Comment with your question and we will answer as soon as we can.

Grade 8 MathsGrade 9 Maths. Grade 8 Maths. Grade 7 Maths. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Calculate the perimeter of a rhombus using our Perimeter Calculator, or try calculating it yourself with the formulas provided.

Enter the base and height of the rhombus in the calculator below to calculate the perimeter of the rhombus. How to calculate the perimeter of a rhombus: Enter a value in the base and height fields. Click on the "Calculate perimeter of rhombus" button. Your answer will appear in the "perimeter of rhombus" field. A rhombus is a two-dimensional shape.

It has four straight sides that are all equal length, and the opposite sides are parallel to each other. The height of the rhombus is the distance measured by drawing a line from the bottom of the rhombus to the top. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Check Your Math. Home Geometry. Please re-enable javascript in your browser settings. Geometry Calculator Enter the base and height of the rhombus in the calculator below to calculate the perimeter of the rhombus.

Calculate the perimeter of rhombus base b. Geometry Definitions The following is a list of definitions relating to the perimeter of a rhombus. What is perimeter? Perimeter is the distance around a two-dimensional shape. What is a rhombus? What is the base? The base of the rhombus is the length of the bottom of the rhombus.

What is the height? Find a Conversion Looking for a conversion? Select a conversion type and the desired units. Go to Conversion. Share on.

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All rights reserved.Given a rhombus with diagonal lengths of 12cm and 16cm, find the perimeter. A rhombus is a parallelogram with all of its sides being equal. A square is a rhombus with all of the angles being equal as well as all of the sides.

What is Rhombus? Area & Perimeter of a Rhombus Formula

Both squares and rhombuses have perpendicular diagonal bisectors that split each diagonal into 2 equal pieces, and also splitting the quadrilateral into 4 equal right triangles.

With this being said, we know the Pythagorean Theorem would work great in this situation, using half of each diagonal as the two legs of the right triangle.

Finding perimeter of rhombus given diagonals

We find the hypotenuse to be 10cm. Since the hypotenuse of each triangle is a side of the rhombus, we have found what we need to find the perimeter. What is its perimeter? We should recall several things. First, all four sides of a rhombus are congruent, meaning that if we find one side, we can simply multiply by four to find the perimeter. Second, the diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular bisectors of each other, thus giving us four right triangles and splitting each diagonal in half.

We therefore have four congruent right triangles. Using Pythagorean Theorem on any one of them will give us the length of our sides. Find the perimeter of the rhombus. A rhombus has a side length of. If you've found an issue with this question, please let us know. With the help of the community we can continue to improve our educational resources.

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A Rhombus is a flat shape with 4 equal straight sides. A rhombus looks like a diamond. If you can draw your Rhombus, try the Area of Polygon by Drawing tool. The Perimeter is 4 times "s" the side length because all sides are equal in length:. It is more common to call this shape a rhombusbut some people call it a rhomb or even a diamond.

The plural is rhombi or rhombusesand, rarely, rhombbi or rhombbuses with a double b. The name "rhombus" comes from the Greek word rhombos : a piece of wood whirled on a string to make a roaring noise! Hide Ads About Ads. A rhombus looks like a diamond All sides have equal length Opposite sides are paralleland opposite angles are equal it is a Parallelogram.

Intermediate Geometry : How to find the perimeter of a rhombus

The altitude is the distance at right angles to two sides And the diagonals "p" and "q" of a rhombus bisect each other at right angles.

Example: A rhombus has diagonals of 6 m and 8 m, what is its Area? Example: A rhombus has a side length of 12 cm, what is its Perimeter? Quadrilaterals Geometry Index. Opposite sides are paralleland opposite angles are equal it is a Parallelogram. And the diagonals "p" and "q" of a rhombus bisect each other at right angles.

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